The interactive installation titled ‘Awakening’ is the creation of 31-year-old Charuvi Agrawal.

Agrawal build it with the idea of "making art available to the common man" and has used technology to make it an interactive platform. It will be mounted at the Select Citywalk mall till 5th October.

Agrawal has used motors underneath the installation in such a way that when a person touches the 'khadaun' (wooden slippers) of Hanuman, the bells will start ringing.

"I wanted to use art, technology and mythology to connect to a moral story that people can relate to. And most importantly, the reason why I chose to install it at a mall is because I wanted to make it available to the common man," Agrawal told.

As the legend goes that Lord Hanuman is incomplete without Lord Ram, she has used 900 lamps with calligraphic images of Lord Ram to make it a complete representation.

According to Agrawal, the installation can be dismantled easily and erected within a day.

"Hanuman is all about power, size and scale. So this installation was all about not restricting ourselves in a mundane way," she said.

The exhibit also features intricately hand-painted narratives on the traditional kavad - a mobile, interactive shrine traditionally carried from village to village, and rendered in songs of faith.

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