The forceful eviction of Baba Ramdev and his supporters agitating at Ramlila ground against graft and black money is highly deplorable and it has tarnished the image of the ruling government whose credibility has reached the nadir in the wake of scams and scandals. Needless to say that the government earlier kow-towed Baba and left no stone unturned to appease him, while it later adopted a barbaric attitude towards Baba and his supporters and wreaked havoc at Ramlila ground. The Central government has unleashed a sort of terror on innocent people that has maligned the image of the UPA government. The brutality of the police against people sleeping at Ramlila ground reminds the horrific incident of emergency, and also highlights the ego of the Manmohan Singh government in which citizens of the nation are losing confidence. It appears that the Central government, facing the wrath from all corners, has lost the discretion to differentiate between right and wrong. If the Centre had to take such a stand against Baba Ramdev and his supporters, why was the permission granted to hold a camp and satyagraha at Ramlila ground? If the Centre is to be believed, the stringent action has been initiated against Ramdev for violating the agreement. In this context, the government has revealed a letter of one of the associates of Baba Ramdev. If it is assumed that the letter was genuine, was it right to use it with the intent to humiliate Baba?

If it is accepted Baba Ramdev has really violated the agreement, how can the Delhi police action be justified? If the Centre is miffed with the breach of trust by Baba, then why is the government not annoyed with its dismal performance? Is it not true that soon after assuming power in 2004, Manmohan Singh had promised to introduce the Lokpal Bill? It is well known fact that the Central government had last year claimed to amend the Land Acquisition Act in a period of few months. The moot point is why is the government not taking into consideration the breach of trust done by it? The truth is that the Union Government is still inclined towards breach of trust. In the wake of Anna Hazare’s movement, the Centre had assured to frame a strong Lokpal Bill, however it is now not only rolling back on its claim but also creating obstacles in preparing the draft. Therefore, one fails to understand, that despite being elected by people, the Union Government is working against common man. The Congress-led UPA government is not executing projects properly, and now the situation has become worse as it continues to display an appalling attitude. The manner in which the Union Government has disgraced itself, it is hard to say that it will be able to revive its lost reputation.