The arrest of Abu Jundal the man who gave instructions to 26/11 attackers sitting across the border in Karachi is being termed as a big success for intelligence agencies. The arrest is also being viewed as a major diplomatic success of India. Though Pakistan may have spoken of providing all possible help to India regarding Jundal’s arrest but the fact is that it has once again been exposed. The biggest example is that Jundal was arrested in Saudi Arabia carrying a Pakistani passport. Abu Jundal is certainly an Indian national but Pakistan has to explain as to how he got a Pakistani passport. Pakistan in the recent times has adopted an optimistic attitude on various matters which has helped improve relations with India, but it is still not willing to accept India’s concerns on terrorism. Neither it is taking any concrete action against the perpetrators of 26/11 nor has any action been initiated against Lashkar-e-Taiba. Why isn’t legal action being initiated against the perpetrators of Mumbai mayhem is still a riddle. Why is Pakistan adamant on shielding Hafiz Saeed?

Recently the announcement made by Pakistan to release Sarabjit, serving death sentence came as a big surprise to India, but this was somehow anticipated as India few days back had released a Pakistani prisoner from Ajmer Jail. If Pakistan is really keen on improving relations with India then strict action needs to be taken against terrorist outfits that pose a threat to India. Pakistan has to realize that harboring terrorist outfits could spell disaster for the country as well. In the present scenario India has to keep up pressure on Pakistan to dismantle terror outfits active on its soil. Why are people like Abu Jundal joining terrorist outfits like Lashkar-e-Taiba needs to be thought over. Politicians especially the Muslim community needs to be extra cautious so that youngsters are not mislead.