Aimed at creating awareness about traffic safety, Arun Mohan's 728-page book 'Road Accidents: Prevention, Attention and Compensation' is a detailed work on the topic and covers all the aspects related to mishap and how it can be avoided and, if happens, what measures should be taken.

It talks about ideas which can work towards prevention from such accidents and if it takes place anyways, then what could be the immediate actions and further how to provide justice to the victim by timely compensation.

The book is part of Mohan's upcoming work 'Justice, Courts and Delays', and has been published by Universal Law Publishing Co.
It talks about appropriate laws, rules and methods in order to develop a system which will help in minimising such accidents, injuries and deaths, besides advocating creation of a fine system for issuance of the driving licences in the country.
Regarding the first one hour after the accident, called the 'golden hour', Mohan says that immediate attention to the injured and the availability of trauma centre may most likely
prevent fatality or other dire consequences of the injury.

Stressing on the need for an innovative concept to deal with the huge number of road accident cases in present and future, the book suggests that an institution like Motor Accident Mediation Authority is needed so that the precious time of judiciary can be saved as a large number of such cases are pending in courts across the country which are already heavily burdened.
Over 1,40,000 lives are lost and 5,00,000 people are injured in road accidents across the country annually. All these cases come to the judiciary which stands burdened by over 6,40,000 cases annually.

The book also deals in detail with topics like causes of accident, better systems for license delivery, vehicles identification and registration and insurance, and the compensation awarded to the victims in such cases.

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