As Anna Hazare and his ilk have become men of the moment owing to launching of a crusade against corruption, some political leaders are doing somersault to slander his image and they are rather trying to derail the process of making Jan Lokpal Bill. It proves that they are brazen enough to blunt an honest bid of civil society to contain the mushrooming grafts and sleazes in the system that is eating into the vitals of the nation. It appears meaningless that on one hand Prime Minister Manmohan Singh respects Anna Hazare and Sonia Gandhi seconds his movement, on the other Congress leaders seem to gag him and his entourage from making powerful Lokpal Bill. If the Congress-led government has given its consent for Anna’s move, why are some party leaders putting unwarranted hurdles in the path of making Bill? Why are they hellbent on making such an ambience as if Anna Hazare and his followers are involved in anti-national activities? If the Congress-led dispensation is committed to weed out corruption, it is necessary that Sonia Gandhi should not only give reply to Anna’s letter but also bridle those leaders being involved in slandering his image. It is pretty preposterous that the Congress on one hand appears to take on corruption, on the other some of the party leaders want to put off an effective move to checkmate corruption.

A video tape was willingly sparked off on the eve of first meeting of joint committee on Lokpal Bill in order to dent the credibility of panel and create suspicion among people. The fake CD, allegedly containing Shanti Bhushan, co-chairman of joint committee, was made public not only for slurring his image but also for weakening the momentum against corruption. It patently reflects that by making fake CD and vilifying panel members they seem to create wrinkles in the probe of 2G scam. Going by present scenario, it appears that those who want to derail the process of Lokpal Bill must be enjoying political patronage. If the Central government, beleaguered with string of scams and scandals, is anxious on its credibility, it should instantly stop maligning campaign against Anna Hazare, otherwise the government’s plummeting image would hit the bottom.