Springfield (Ohio): As the United States of America is all set to go for the presidential election on November 6, the statistics show that Ohio, alike previous election seasons, has caught maximum eyeballs of both the contenders for presidential post,  Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

As per the reports, a whopping USD 18 crore has been exhausted so far during election campaign in Ohio alone.

Both Obama and Romney have conducted election tours to woo Ohioans for at least 200 times during past 150 days.

Why winning Ohio is important for Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney?

The state of ‘Ohio’ has been electorally crucial in the election history of USA. Even if it has 18 seats in the United States House of Representatives but Ohio enjoys the status of both a swing state and a bellwether.

The history of US presidential election shows that this Buckeye State has always produced the winners of White House with two exceptions in 1944 and 1960. In 1944, Ohio backed a losing candidate John W Bricker while in 1960 John F Kennedy won the election while losing Ohio.

Ohio, a state in the Midwestern United States, is the 34th most extensive, the 7th most populous, and the 10th most densely populated of the total 50 provinces of United States. With the 80 percent population of whites, Ohio has a significant representation of both rural and urban voters. But this electorally crucial state is known for the 12 percent African Americans and 3 percent Latin American population whose votes play decisive role in the race to White House.

Ohio is known to be slightly tilted towards the Republicans but 2012 elections seem to be in favour of Democrat Obama, who has registered an edge over Romney in the latest poll surveys.


Independent surveys predict that incumbent Barack Obama holds an edge over rival Mitt Romney, but the two are locked in a virtual tie in the crucial battleground states believed to be holding the key.

As per Rasmussen's assessment, the race is a virtual tie.With this, the two campaigns are now focusing on some of the key battleground states, where a win will fetch them the necessary Electoral College votes.
The CNN releasing its latest poll said that the presidential election in the battleground State of Ohio remains very close, and Obama holds a three point advantage over Romney, which is within the survey's sampling error.     

According to a Reuters-Ipsos poll, Obama has a small lead, 47 percent to 45 over Romney in Ohio, while the Rasmussen survey showed the President into a tie with his Republican challenger at 49 percent.
The two candidates are in virtual tie, according to polls in four other battle ground states of Virginia, Iowa, Colorado and New Hampshire.

Process to elect US President

United States of America is going to elect its new President on November 6. The candidates of two main political parties- current President Barack Obama of Democratic Party and Mitt Romney of Republican Party- are engaged in making last-ditch effort to win the election. Amid ongoing process for electing world’s most powerful person- the US President- there has always been a high curiosity with regard to the process of the election.

According to the article 2 of the Constitution of USA, the president of World’s mightiest democracy is elected by an ‘Electoral College’. It means the President of USA is not elected directly by the people of the country.

President of USA is elected for a period of four years. The contest takes place between the two major political parties of the country- Democratic Party, which is in power at present and the Republican Party. Those politicians who are aspirant for the President’s post are required to form a committee which is assigned to collect funds for the candidate and assess the mood of the voters about the candidate.

First Phase 

The first phase of the election process is called Primary in which the parties release the list of its leaders who are aspirant to contest presidential poll. Primary begins at the beginning of the election year.

Second Phase

In the second phase, delegates of the political parties are elected by the voters of all the 50 states of the country. These delegates attend the conventions of the respective parties where official candidate of every political parties are finally declared. Official presidential candidate of a party nominates the candidate for Vice President’s post.

Third Phase

Election campaign begins in the third phase in which the official candidates try to woo voters for their victory.  Interesting televised debate between the candidates of the two prominent parties takes place in this phase only.

Final Phase

In the final phase of the election process, the members of Electoral College, elected by the voters of the different states, cast their votes to finally elect the president of the country.

Process to elect members of Electoral College

Members of Electoral College are elected by the citizens of different US states. The candidates contesting for the membership of the college happen to be the supporters of one of the presidential candidates.  A total of 538 members, who are also called electors, of the Electoral College are elected directly by the people. The role of the common people ends in the election process after electing the Electors.  To win the US presidential poll, it is required for a candidate to get at least 270 votes of Electors. 

A quota has been fixed for every state to elect a certain number of Electors. Number of electors from every state is equal to the number of representatives elected to the US Congress, consisting of House of Representatives and Senate, from a state. It means different US states elect different number of Electors to the Electoral College. The same Electors elect the Vice President of USA.


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