Post December 16, need for a stringent and effective law against rape in India was felt, with senior BJP leaders Sushma Swaraj and L K Advani advocating for death sentence. Several other leaders sought chemical castration and many more leaders called for life term punishment. In every society, there are certain regulations and people must abide by them and those who tend to divert from the prescribed set of norms, face the wrath of the system. Let’s have a look at punishments for rapes in different countries.

Until 2013, the maximum punishment for rape in India was rigorous imprisonment of seven years. After the Anti-Rape Bill was passed by the Parliament in April 2013, an act of rape is now liable to life imprisonment and even death sentence for rarest of rare cases.

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country. All the laws and regulations are listed as per the teachings of Islam. In Saudi Arabia, the punishment for rape is death penalty under its strict interpretation of Islamic Sharia law. There is also a provision for ‘execution through stones’ which means if a person rapes, stones are thrown upon him till the moment he dies.

USA :  
There is no nationally accepted definition of rape in the United States; instead each state has its own laws. Though these definitions can vary considerably and most of them do not use the term rape any more, it is always referred to as "sexual assault", "criminal sexual conduct", "sexual abuse", "sexual battery", etc. Under federal law, the punishment for rape can range from a fine to life imprisonment. If the accused is a repeat offender, the law automatically doubles the maximum sentence.

In France, the punishment for rape is imprisonment. If a person is found to be guilty of rape, he is sentenced to an imprisonment of 15 years’. It extends to 20 years if the victim is under 15 years of age or other aggravating factors. If the sexual assault becomes the cause of the victim’s death, the convict will be imprisoned for a maximum period of 30 years. If the rape is followed by torture or any other physical harm, the felon is sent to the prison for the life time.

In Netherlands, the definition of rape includes any kind of sexual harassment or forced sex, even French kissing without other person’s consent is listed as rape. The punishment for rape in Netherlands varies from 4 to 15 years imprisonment depending on the age factor of the victim. In many countries, the rape of a prostitute is not given much priority but in Netherlands any kind of harassment done to a prostitute without her approval can lead to an imprisonment of 4 years. If the victim dies after the rape, the accused is locked up for 15 years

Afghanistan has provision for capital punishment for rape. Since Afghanistan is a Muslim country and its laws are based on Islam, convict is shot with a bullet in the head within the four days.

China awards capital punishment to the convict for committing rape. The execution rate in china is very high.


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