Dream girl of many hearts, dream girl of the big screen and the dream girl of Dharamji…this actress with her big dreamy eyes still has the charming capacity to magnetise anyone. Yes, we are talking about Hema Malini, an ageless beauty, even at the age of 64, who can give a tough competition to any budding actress. At the age of 60, she is as ravishing and graceful as she was when she started her career in Bollwyood. Back then her name was enough to pull the crowd to the theatres. And the magnetic power is still intact. At the age of 60, Hema Malini holds the potential to give complex to modern heroines. In an exclusive chat with ‘Sakhi’ the original ‘Dream Girl’ shares her experiences and discloses different phases of her life.

Big Screen, Small Screen, Parliament and the dance stage, wherever you have stepped, you succeeded. How do you feel about that?

Obviously it feels great to be praised and appreciated. Everyone likes compliments! But I definitely would like to say I have worked hard to achieve the success in my life. In every stage of  life you face competition but it depends on how you handle it.

While you are successful, your daughter Esha is stills struggling to achieve stardom. What will you say?

Though Esha is a talented girl, she has not got a proper chance to explore her talent. I think it is just a matter of luck. Working in films is not a compulsion for her that is why I always advise her not to take up any role if she feels she will not be able to do justice to the character offered. There are many other things like dance, meditation to keep you busy and active. She has performed with me across the globe. Esha is a pleasant and enthusiastic girl and I have full confidence in her. Esha is just 25 and has a long way to go.

What is the secret of your success?

I do not consider myself as successful. I know Hema Malini as a woman who always holds a positive approach towards life. There is no place for negative energy in my life. I have learned to tackle the ups and downs in life. If you are honest and laborious you can win any battle. Whatever the situation may be, I know how to enjoy life.

What is the meaning of the word ‘woman’ for you?

I believe both men and women are best in their own way. But today’s women know how to manage everything. They are multitasking and if women want they can even conquer the sky.

People have the same fascination for their dream girl they had 40 years back. At the age of 60 you look so gorgeous. What is the secret of your unparallel beauty?

I lead a much disciplined life. I have been living my life without any manipulation and falsehood. My lifestyle is very simple. I drink three litres of water every day and practice exercise, meditation regularly. I walk on the treadmill daily for 15 minutes and do ‘Pranayama’ for 45 minutes. I am a vegetarian. I prefer to eat homemade foods. I pray to God everyday as it gives me mental peace. I like to use only kajal and light shade lipsticks. I love to wear good sarees and look good. Looking good and presentable is the need of my profession also.

How much technology friendly are you?

I depend on a gadget according to my needs. I did not even know how to use modern gadgets. Ahana and Esha have taught me to check mails and surf internet. Now I can send mail all by myself. Since they gave me the information on iPods and iPhone I started using those gadgets.

What kind of discussions takes place when you sit together for dining?

Film is not the topic of discussion on dining table. We talk on every issue except movies. Most of the family issues are part of our discussion. I always try to understand the feeling of my daughters by playing the role of a mother as well as a friend.

What is your opinion regarding reality shows?

If anyone wants to run a channel, they have to understand the likes and dislikes of viewers. I have no personal opinion regarding this. But if someone approaches me to direct a reality show I would say ‘no’.

You have selected ‘Doordarshan’ for your serials so far but this time you chose a private channel to display ‘Mati Ki Banno’. Is there any particular reason?

There was a time when television was dominated by ‘Doordarshan’. But now private channels have their own popularity. The channel authority liked our story and they finalised the deal.

What is your opinion on botox?

These artificial things were not available at my age so I cannot say anything. But there is one thing which is above beauty and figure and that is talent.

What is your opinion on contemporary heroines?

Highly professional, smart and health conscious girls are heading towards this industry. They are smart enough to deal with this industry and they speak their heart out in front of the public and media.