Agra: Is your child not tall enough? Parents haunted with this question can now breathe a sigh of relief as the Pharmacy Department at S N Medical College has successfully developed a new drug to help them grow tall. This implies that growing taller would no longer require the daily hassle of injections, instead, just one dose of medicine a week will do the trick. The new medicine doesn’t have the side effects that most such drugs usually leave you with, not only this, it is also relatively cheaper. The new medicine, Sstent Product Release, is yet to be patented. Soon, a company will introduce the medical drug in the market.

Insufficient growth hormones or a disease may be the reason behind a child’s stunted growth. A chemical named Somatotropin plays an important role in this process. There are various medicines and injections available in the market to increase one’s height, though these need to be taken on a daily basis, due to which various side-effects can be seen in children. Keeping this problem in mind, Chairman of S N Medical College, Dr Pawan Gautam began his research. There was no success in this respect for six months.

However, soon they were on the right track developing a new formula of Sstent Product Release. After an endeavor for three years, they have developed a new medicine. According to Dr. Gautam, Pasetiv Ingredients (an important element in increasing growth hormones) plays an important role in developing the medicine. He asserts that consuming the medicine once a week will help the child grow taller. Every child will be prescribed a dose of the medicine corresponding to their physical development. This way a single dose will prove to be effective.
Eli Lilly is soon going to introduce this new drug in the market. They said that in order to get the drug patented they have submitted an application to the U.S. Food and Drug Control Department through the Central Drug Control Department.


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