The dream of much-awaited victory has ultimately been fulfilled. This is one of the biggest success because the team India won the cricket World Cup after 28 years, and it is equally important that one after another it established its brilliance over all the other teams of the world in most glorious manner. With this victory it also defeated several beliefs, which were associated with the World Cup, and it was considered as an obstacle that India being the host would not score above 250. But, India has shown that it could conquer any obstacle on the way to success. This victory has not only accomplished the dream of the country but also of the greatest cricket player, Sachin Tendulkar, who will be cherished by Indians for years to come. This would also be remembered because the generation born after 1983 was deprived of the feeling of the World Cup victory. It is very pleasant to observe that the victory has even changed the whole atmosphere of the nation for a period. The success of Team India is enough to indicate how a victory in the playground can stimulate the whole nation. For rare feeling of pleasure and wonderful moments in life, whatever accolades we shower on Captain Dhoni and his team is less compared to they provided during World Cup match. It was a rare occasion of celebration when all the citizens of the nation join together.

The world also realised Indian sentiments of being the world champion on Saturday. The victory has glorified the realization of being an Indian. The realization of this proud moment has excited not only the citizens but also those living abroad. To celebrate the World Cup victory, the way big leaders and actors congregated with people on common platform indicated its relevance, and the charisma of cricket. This victory has expressed Dhoni’s leadership quality and his brilliance as well, besides showing unity of the team spirit and its mental strength. In the present era, the role of technique and competence along with mental strength have increased, and this could be understood after the praise made on the Team India’s coach, Gary Kirsten, support staff and motivation expert Mike Horn. Although Horn could contribute his services to the team for a brief period, Sachin Tendulkar considers that his training and motivation created a big difference. All of us have to understand and imbibe, besides, the playground, the role of mental strength has come along with hard work and consistency for success in other realms of life. Indian way of life and traditions have always lauded the significance of positive thoughts and mental strength. It would be better if the nation imbibes these qualities to achieve all-round success like the Team India.