Rao, an exponent of Sufi kalam and geet and considered the last living ghazal maestro mesmerised a select audience late last evening at a function co-presented by Karnataka's tourism ministry in association with the Indian Harmony Foundation, a Delhi-based body.
Visuals of various dargahs and the rich cultural heritage built by rulers of the Deccan Sultanate were presented with Sufi music to top it.
The event was also a celebration of the Urdu language.
"Urdu or Rekhta was a street language and gradually it became the language of the nation and today we are promoting this language. Pandit Vithal Rao is a maestro who has taken Urdu forward and has taken the ghazals forward," Kulsoom Noor Saifullah, Managing Trustee of Indian Harmony Foundation said.
"The event is celebrating that proportion of Karnataka which was a part of the erstwhile Hyderabad state. But now it is in Karnataka since the year 1956. They were not the part of the Nizams rule. The sultans ruled in Bidar, Gulabarga and Bijapur. They were known as the Deccan Sultanate and ruled for almost four to five hundred years," she said.
She stressed on the rich culture of the Deccan Sultanate. "The sufis who came before the army or with the armies stayed here for over 600 years," Noor said.
She mentioned a dargah in Gulbaraga which would be celebrating its 600th year.



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