Mau: If cultivation or gardening is your hobby, you need not tan yourself under the sun. Here is a good news in the offing for the agriculture lovers, who are looking forward for maximum return by putting in minimal of effort.

Scientists of Application of Microorganism in Agriculture and Allied Sector (AMAAS) have developed a new variety of mushroom which is rich in mineral salts, vitamins, proteins and medicinal properties. AMAAS researchers have named the new mushroom variety as ‘Marcosibia’, which can be grown in areas having a temperature in the range of 20 degrees to 40 degrees.

Dr RC Upadhyay, Director of Mushroom Research Directorate, Solan, Himachal Pradesh which is affiliated to Indian Council of Agriculture Research, said, “In the coming days mushrooms would be taken as an important source of nutrient to feed the growing population.”

Even farmers who do not own a farming field can grow this new mushroom variety. The researchers stated that Marcosibia can be cultivated on the compost of weeds and husk on plates laid on multiple bamboo structures.

Around 500 grams of mushroom can be grown on one kg husk. It is also said that new mushroom variety would be ready within 30-40 days.They can be stored for 2-3 days without damage.

Therefore, farmers who are short of resources and do not have agricultural fields, can also grow this new mushroom variety. This new variety will also prove beneficial for people who want to pursue it as a business.

According to researchers, Marcosibia neither requires any specific weather condition nor a special soil.