Expressing concerns over the governance deficit, a group of corporate honchos and eminent figures shot off a letter to the UPA government especially to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, urging him for strong Lokpal, effective policy and insulating the system from graft and sleaze. The missive which pokes the Centre to fulfill its duty must be taken seriously, as people across social spectrum are deeply affected by episodic corruption and tired of lip-services given by all political parties. It is precisely jotted down in the letter that the constitution of Lokpal is the need of the hour, but it not a panacea, if multiple problems gripping length and breadth of the country say anything. The eminent group has also phrased out their concerns about piling of pending cases in courts and pressed for judicial reforms as well. The government is mulling over judicial reforms though, it should not spend years in coming out with concrete decision in this regard. It is highly disappointing that filling the post of judges in courts is going at snail’s pace. 

In fact, the Central government is faltering on almost all fronts and has fallen short of people’s expectations. The most worrying thing is that the slackness of the government has dented the economy as well. The policy makers of the Centre must know the meltdown in America and Europe has started eclipsing the Indian economy. On the one hand rupee is getting depreciated in comparison with dollar, on the other there is a decline in the foreign investments. The government’s laxity in bringing reforms in different sectors is also taking a toll. The Centre is in complete disarray owing to the corruption and scams. As the top administrative echelons are in limbo, bureaucrats too turned out to be silent spectators. The bureaucrats seem to be unwilling to take decision fearing landing in controversy. Undoubtedly, the Centre is besieged with myriad issues and the situation is getting worse. Perhaps this is the reason that corporate high-ups and jurists had to caution the government through a letter.