Tequila (Agencies): If you go for a trip to southwest Mexico, you will get high by just watching the 250-year-old tequila making process.

A train ride is being planned in Mexico's Jalisco state for tourists to get a first-hand look at the picturesque blue agave plantations that are the source of this world-famous beverage. The tour, envisaged by Tequila Cuervo La Rojena, the maker of the famous Jose Cuervo tequila brand, will begin April 1.

The journey will start around midday at a 19th century railway station outside the state capital Guadalajara and will end in the afternoon so that visitors can enjoy the grand view of the sunset over the greenish-blue agave-dotted landscape.

Another train, called Tequila Express and run by tequila producer Casa Herradura, is already in operation here.

But the new service that is being launched assures much more to the visitors.

"We want the tourist to be seduced by the aromas, the colours and the history that surrounds this beverage," said Araceli Ramos Rosaldo, director of public relations for the Jose Cuervo brand.

"For it to be an educational, intimate experience in which they can taste a good tequila and are left with pleasant memories," she said.

Three major tequila distilleries - Jose Cuervo, Herradura and Sauza - are located in Tequila.

The agave landscape and the ancient industrial facilities in Tequila were stated as Unesco World Heritage site in 2006.