The Supreme Court has granted bail to paediatrician and human rights activist Binayak Sen citing inadequacy of evidence to convict him for sedition and impose life sentence. It is undoubtedly a victory of justice. It was difficult to believe that one can be charged with sedition on the basis of keeping mere Naxal literature, but the Apex Court delivered justice saying being sympathetic to an outlawed organization does not render anyone guilty of insurrection. Surprisingly, the Chhattisgarh High Court upheld the verdict of lower court regarding Sen. From the day one Binayak Sen appeared to have been treated callously. He got reprieved after knocking the Supreme Court. It is satisfying that the Apex Court has released him on bail, but it cannot be ignored that he was put behind bar for four months and suffered mental trauma. It seems that there was a deliberate bid to take revenge against Binayak Sen. Leaders must learn that such revengeful action dents justice system, which has wide repercussion. It is profound irony that for parochial political interests someone is meted out callously for trivial issue while the other gets much leniency despite having been involved in a serious matter under the same legal system. It is worth mentioning, sometime back Arundhati Roy and Sayed Ali Shah Geelani spoke volumes against India, but the Delhi Police could not muster courage to take action against them. Tough posture towards Binayak Sen and soft stand on Roy-Gilani drive home point that rules are easily bent in order to give favour to the persons wielding clout.

It is startling that the Chhattisgarh police arrested Binayak Sen for sedition on the ground of finding Naxal literatures at his residence. The Supreme Court reacted that one cannot be Gandhi for possessing autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi. It is natural that Sen’s followers are happy with his bail, but it is pertinent that the SC has found that he is sympathizer to Naxals. Undoubtedly, keeping sympathy with Naxals is not a crime but it is equally not a matter of pride. Anyone could be in dock if he has sympathy for Naxals who have no respect for sovereignty of the country and want to grab power by dint of weapon and unleashing terrors. Binayak Sen could not escape it why he has soft posture for those who are held as enemy for the nation and society. If Binayak Sen and his ilk, human rights activists, sympathize with the red terrors, it will be difficult fighting against them. Human rights activists could not be alien to the fact that the Naxals have posed a serious menace to the internal security of the country. They could deny buying this point but it does not mean they keep sympathy with Naxalites.