If the ruling dispensation browbeats critiques and initiates revengeful action against them, it will dent the tenets of democracy. The investigation into the assets of Baba Ramdev, who has waged war against the government over black money and graft, by the Enforcement Directorate indicates  sheer anger of the Centre towards its critique. The probe is taking place under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). Everyone knows it well that this is only a revengeful action of the Centre, as Baba Ramdev has put the government in the dock over black money issue. The vindictive move of the government vividly shows that it has lost its wisdom. The Centre’s rancorous feelings towards Baba Ramdev and action against him fuels speculation that it is trying to incriminate the yoga guru and slander his image. This is a very easy job for those who are in power and misusing their offices for benefits and such precedents are many. Everyone knows that in order to defame VP Singh, his son’s name was dragged into a controversy of opening fake bank account in St Kitts. As Baba Ramdev conducts a business worth crores of rupees, it is likely that he may be found to flout some rules. Our country is still stuck in the quagmire of rules and regulations of British time so the government can easily spot even a minor fault in someone’s business. If government looks at its own system, it could also fall under scanner so long as implementation of rules and regulations is concerned.

If Baba Ramdev is involved in any scams and scandals, an enquiry should be instituted against him but whether the government explains the reason of starting investigation all of sudden. Is the complaint against Baba’s so called malpractices is true prima facie? Baba has turned billionaire overnight. He established an empire worth billions of dollars in abroad much earlier. Why did not the government take action against him earlier? So it is crystal clear that the Centre’s move to run after the spiritual leader is simply a revengeful action against its critique. The government wants to give message that saints and social activists have no right to go against its corrupt system. Truly speaking, there is no space for government’s feudalist mindset in a democracy. It is highly deplorable that ruling government is gradually adopting undemocratic method that will be a sinister for it.