It is a welcome step, though belatedly that the Central government has taken a serious note of the problems of foodgrain storage, considering to dole out grains among the poor for six months. The government must ensure that there is no delay in the execution of this laudable measure. There is a need to do so, because the Union Food Ministry has sent a proposal to state governments to tackle the problems of foodgrain storage. It is doubtful that the state governments will deliver quick response with positive mind-set in this context. Not surprisingly, some of the states will dilly-dally to implement the Food Ministry's suggestion. The Centre and states may lock horns over the issue of storing the grains for six months and its expenses. If there is no intention to support a cause, the pretext of non-cooperation can be easily searched. Come what may, if there is a procrastination in the implementing of doling out foodgrains among the ration card holders, grains will be perished on large scale as monsoon is inching closer and the government godowns are already chock-a-block. In many states, the wheat procurements are being postponed in the wake of the absence of storage space. However, the FCI is trying hard for storage space but owing to the lack of proper arrangement it is likely that grain will rot in the rainy season. In fact, grains are lying in the open at many places in the country and have been affected in the last year’s rains.

It is disappointing that for the last several years, thousands of tonnes of grain have been rotted, but the Centre and state governments failed to take any concrete step to tackle the problems of plenty. In a country where millions are on the verge of starvation, perishing of even handful of grains is a crime. It is profound irony, millions of people are fighting for two square meals in the country, on the other thousands of tonnes of foodgrains are perished per year. Our policy makers should feel ashamed. Even if they express their concerns about the wastage of grains and starvation, but nothing tangible comes up to sort out the problem. When the Supreme Court took a dig at the government over the spoiling of foodgrains, the Centre decided to distribute grains among the poor. It is worth mentioning that some time ago when the Apex Court said that it would be wise to distribute grains among the people of lower strata, the Centre hit back the court saying it should respect its limitation.