After the Union Home Ministry accepted the fact that there is a lack of synergy between the Delhi Police and the Maharashtra ATS, there is no reason to doubt that the two agencies are not working in proper co-ordination. It is strange that the Home Ministry on one hand is accepting the lack of coordination between the two organizations and on the other they are celebrating the success of the Maharashtra ATS in solving the last year’s terror attacks investigations.  What the home ministry is trying to evade is that had there been a proper co-ordination between the two forces, Yasin Bhatkal, the mastermind of the Mumbai blasts and also head of Indian Mujahideen, would have been behind the bars. When both mastermind and those who planted the bombs, are at large then what success is being attributed to Mumbai ATS?  The fact cannot be ignored that the two persons arrested in connection with the blast from Darbhanga, were confronted by Mumbai police long back. Despite claiming success on the basis of these arrests, the Delhi police claims one of them as their informer. We should also realise the fact that the Maharashtra ATS Chief himself admitted that there is a tussle going on between Delhi and Mumbai police to solve the case. Now the country wants to know if the Home Ministry permits contest between the two forces where a state’s police is unable to believe another state and the claims of one state surprises another state. Arrest of an informer of one state’s police by another state’s police is merely a height of lack in synergy.

It is not very satisfactory and encouraging either when the Home Ministry says that a system will be put in place where all the probe agencies will work together on specific areas. This clearly points out that till now no such system has been devised. After how many more terror attacks will the government realize the need for working in co-ordination? Now they are claiming that the formation of the National Counter Terrorism Centre will help synergizing various agencies. This indicates that the National Investigation Agency (NIA) failed in co-ordinating various agencies. This must be kept in mind that once NIA was forced to pack its bag and return to Delhi during investigations in the Mumbai blasts. Though they faced severe criticism after the incident, the union government seems to be refusing to learn from the mistake.
It is unfortunate that they not only lack coordination in the investigations of a terror strike but also in their attempt to contain Naxalism. Undoubtedly, the situation is alarming for internal security scenario and encouraging for anti-national forces.