London: Wearing a wristband could help you win the battle against the bulge, say researchers who have launched the bracelet which they claim is the latest aid for people trying to lose weight healthily.

The 'Up' bracelet aims to help wearers to lead a more balanced lifestyle by tracking eating, sleeping and activity patterns; the wristband is designed to connect to a smartphone so the information recorded is can be fed into an accompanying application, say the researchers.

Details of food consumed can be entered manually into the app, or by taking a photograph with the smartphone.

The programme will then advise the user ways in which they could improve their lifestyle, such as recommending a high-protein breakfast and an extra glass of water for a person lacking in sleep, a news daily reported.

"For the first time in history, lifestyle diseases such as diabetes are killing more people than communicable diseases. We're trying to solve that problem," Travis Bogard, vice president of product management of the Up band's creator, Jawbone, told.

The focus of the product is on encouraging wearers to lead a balanced lifestyle, the company believes that the secret to its future success is the fact that the wristband is unobtrusive, unlike existing products on the market.

Bogard continued: "We looked at the products out there, and there's so much friction around wearing these devices all the time. But if you wear something like up all day, there's all sorts of interesting things we can plug into our software."

A price for the wristband has not been released yet, though Jawbone promises that it will be affordable and available in a range of colours.