Mumbai: Bollywood superstar signs the most eye-popping annual advertising deal the industry has ever seen in the game of one-upmanship among Bollywood actors, there is a constant struggle to raise the bar when it comes to charging a big, fat fee for films and even their television advertisement endorsements.

It looks like Aamir Khan has stolen a big cheque over the rest of the industry, as buzz is that the star has charged Rs 88 crore for signing up for an endorsement deal. Sources claim that the deal, which is for a year, involves the star to shoot for a series of ads, two of which are already out. Aamir will apparently be paid the amount over a period of time.

An insider says, “After Aamir ended his contract for his previous commercial brand endorsements during the shoot of his TV show with a social message, this is the first ad he has done for a commercial brand since. He is careful about choosing endorsements and when the company offered him the deal, he took his own time to sign it. After the initial talks, he quoted a huge amount of Rs 88 crore.”

While these days stars are known to earn quite a massive part of their fortune from brand ads, however, Aamir’s fee leaves the rest of the B-Town brigade far behind.

The source added, “Aamir’s fee appears to be mindboggling but the brand wanted to shoot a series of ads with him. They were looking forward to a change in their strategy and hence agreed to rope in Aamir even at such a high cost. They are eagerly waiting to see if the sales figures show growth after the actor came on board.”

While Aamir’s spokesperson refused to comment, the brand representative remained unavailable.

The big buck earners

Kareena Kapoor - Rs 10 crore for endorsing a Delhi-based construction company
Katrina Kaif – Rs 8 crore for a paint ad
Ranbir Kapoor Rs – Rs 8 crore for a soft drink brand
Salman Khan – Rs 20 crore for a cola commercial

Courtesy: Mid-Day