Hrithik Roshan who has opted an innovative way of promoting his film 'Bang Bang' which has hit the theatres on 2nd October, is going about challenging his Bollywood counterparts with 'Bang Bang' dares.  

Hrithik Roshan who challenged Aamir referring to his controversial poster from PK where Aamir posed nude except a transistor which covers his modesty, tweeted "By POPULAR DEMAND! today's #bangbangdare goes 2 d man himself THE PK! @aamir_khan! Your dare is -" PUT THE TRANSISTOR DOWN!!"  

"Nahin karoge to punishment milega! Who bhi bangbang style mein! Kya bolte ho logon? ACCEPT?? @aamir_khan," he further wrote."

Aamir who sportingly accepted Hrithik's challenge tweeted "@iHrithik Hey Hritik I accept the dare! Have asked Raju for the transistor, its on the way!!! Will shoot it asap n send it 2 u!!! But i take no responsibility 4what happens after that,"

The actor further posted a video where he is seen putting down the transistor, though he is fully clothed. "@iHrithik Hey Hritik, so, here is your challenge, ACCOMPLISHED!" Aamir wrote on Twitter.

However Hrithik who didn't seemed impressed with Aamir for cheating in the dare, later tweeted "Sabka 1st reaction 'abe kya FIT lag rahe hain' kapdo ke sath bhi sixer mardiya!Lekin ho to aap CHEATER!Ab,punishment to banta hai @aamir_khan."

It will be worthwhile to wait and see what punishment Hrithik gives to his senior colleague.

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