"Aamir is definitely keen to donate his organs as well," Kiran told reporters at an organ donation camp on Tuesday. She was present on the occasion along with "Ship Of Theseus" director Anand Gandhi. She feels that "Ship Of Theseus" spreads the message beautifully.

Kiran said that she would now try her best to encourage the members of the film fraternity, friends and family to go in for organ donation. "Anyone I will meet, I will definitely discuss it with them. I am not necessarily going to call up the celebrities, tell them and convince them of this cause. I don't know whether it is going to be easy for me to talk to all the celebrities and become the ambassador for this (organ donation). I am happy to try, but certainly I would like to encourage friends in the fraternity, people I know and definitely my family to donate their organs," she added.

Speaking on Independence Day celebrations, Kiran said, "For me, what independence really means is to be free from inequality. In the true sense, I think we have a way to go before we are truly, truly independent.


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