New Delhi: Presenting the final episode of the popular show Satyamev Jayate, actor Aamir Khan highlighted the exemplary efforts of the unsung heroes who walked an extra mile for those in need.

The actor showcased the tremendous work done by Parimal, Trupti, Arvind and Jhanvi in helping the children who lost their families in the deadly earthquake in Kutch and Godhra riots in 2002.

Aamir Khan concludes Satyamev Jayate

They created the Sarvodaya Trust for Hindu and Muslim orphans of Godhra and Kutch who grew up under their love and affection. The children from both the religions were provided education in the Sarvodaya hostel to grow up together to become a proud citizen.

Highlighting the plight of the Kashmiri Pundits who were forced to flee from their homes to save their lives, Asha Bhat, a Hindu, elected as the panchayat head by the Muslim supporters in the village in Jammu and Kashmir was invited on the show. She was stopped by the Muslim brotherhood from leaving the village and was given the reins of panchayat for the betterment of the village.

Similarly, another hero Sanjeev Kumar, a MBA degree holder with an attractive salary, left Delhi to work for the Dobri tribe, victim of untouchability in his village. Sanjeev united the dalit woman under a sangathan against the practice.

One such powerful woman called Sunitha Krishnan running ‘Prajwala’ organization, which rescues the women and girls who are victims of rape, molestation and human trafficking, was also present on the show. Sunita works for the social, economic and mental rehabilitation of the women.

She said, there are 20 lakh women and ten lakh girls in the country who are victims of the heinous crime.

Another appreciable effort of Naseema, a physically handicapped but determind woman, came to light who stood up to serve the physically challenged children around her. She formed the organization ‘Helpers of the Handicapped’ to comfort the pain of those struggling due to the disability. She gave the message, “If you don’t want to live life, live to improve the life of the worst sufferers.”

An outstanding example of Subhasini Mistri was also presented, who lost her husband to illness due to lack of money, but she fulfilled her dream of building ‘Humanity Hospital’ for the poor where the patients are properly treated for free.

Reciting her tale, Subhashini said, she was forced to send her son to an orphanage. Her son Ajoy went on to become a doctor and fulfilled her mother’s dream.

The unique achievement of Babar Ali, from Behrampur who became a headmaster at the age of nine also came to light on the show. He used to teach his friends after school and later set up Ananda Shiksha Niketan to teach the poor kids in the nearby villages.

The programme also highlighted the contribution of Wipro founder Azim Premji who noting the sub-standard teaching in government-run schools in rural areas, gave Rs 8,846 crore for training the teachers in 25,000 government schools.

Calling for protection of the whistleblowers, the tragic loss of Satyendra Dubey was also remembered on the show. Satyendra, an IIT-Kanpur graduate went on to become a project manager in Golden quadrilateral road project. Fighting single-handedly against corruption, Satyendra wrote a letter to the Prime Minister complaining about the corrupt officials in the project. But the carelessness of the officials led to the letter being leaked after which he was brutally murdered.

Those who believe that a single man cannot move a mountain were also taken by surprise by the story of Dashrath from Gahlaur in Bihar. The villagers used to travel across a mountain to fetch water. He took the task of breaking the mountain by his hammer and sickle and in a long time period of 22 years, made a way through the mountain, now used as a busy road.

The limited episode series of Satyamev Jayate concluded with this episode but Aamir Khan requested his audience to contribute for the organizations named during the episodes to do a bit for the welfare of the human civilization.


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