Mumbai: Basking in the Box Office success of 'Delhi Belly' and his retro `Disco Fighter` avataar, Aamir is all set for a sequel to the adult comedy to be directed by wife Kiran Rao.

Titled `Disco Fighter`, the film will see Aamir in flamboyant and chic retro attire.

Talking to a tabloid, a source revealed, “The film will take off from Aamir entering the film as `Disco Fighter` and the three boys will have an encounter with him. The details of the script are being worked out still,” said the source.

“Kiran Rao is currently writing it. When Delhi Belly was in the post-production phase, Aamir came up with the idea of making a sequel to the film,” said the source.

Aamir had decided that he would make a sequal to the film if it managed to be a huge hit among the audiences. And now that the film has become a craze for the youth, Aamir will have no second thoughts on executing his plan.

“The youth have loved the film. And though certain people have not really taken it too well, no one has been able to ignore it altogether. In metros, the film has been a huge hit and the youth has given it a cult status,” the source added.

However, the perfectionist star preferred to be tight-lipped about the sequel. He said, “It is too early to comment on this. Right now, everyone is enjoying the Delhi Belly success.”