"We have declared PK tax-free. Entertainment tax will not be imposed on those who watch it in theaters. It is a good movie and attacks superstitions and hypocrisy in the name of religion. Waiving taxes on it will allow more people to see it," state Commercial Taxes Minister Bijendra Prasad Yadav said.
Nitish Kumar had watched the film late last night at a multiplex in the state capital and showered praise.
"How could anybody oppose such a nice movie? It is so beautifully made. It gives a simple message. It doesn't attacks faith anywhere, but just hypocrisy. Only those pretenders who believe in hypocrisy and superstitions will attack it. I give 10 out of 10 to PK," Nitish said while sharing his views on a social media site.
Incidentally, people affiliated to Hindu right wing organizations had staged sporadic protests at various places in Bihar too.
Nitish said everybody should see it as it highlights that those who are dividing the nation and the society in the name of religion are 'wrong number' and which nobody should dial.
"Who are they opposing the movie? We are also Hindus. Have the Hindus of the country given them any power or right to agitate on their behalf to such persons," Nitish added.
The senior JD (U) leader also pointed out that people should see the art of an artist, not his religion.

"Aamir Khan is a very good and natural actor. His acting is worth watching. We saw all his movies including 3 Idiots and never had an issue with his religion," he added.
The senior JD(U) leader said the movie gives a message that we trust in God, but some people instill fear and superstition in the minds of the public for their own benefit and are also trying to do the same in politics.
Extending New Year wishes to everybody, Nitish said, "Hypocrisy in the name of religion prevailed in 2014. I wish it will get defeated in 2015."

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