New Delhi: Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is back with a new issue of alcoholism in the episode number 9 of 'Satyamev Jayate'.

The show has come a long way tackling social issues very efficiently. Anchor Khan this time on Sunday has shed light on yet another evil in the society - alcoholism.

Giving a message ‘Enjoy life but value it’ and highlighting the deep-laid problem of alcohol addiction in the human civilization, Khan struck the right chord to free the society from the menace of alcohol.

Aamir Khan's write-up on alcohol abuse

Aamir stressed on how ‘determination’ is the sole criteria to get rid of this bad habit.

Eminent journalist and now serving as the Executive Editor of Financial World in Tehelka, Vijay Simha, who was invited to the show, shared his bitter experiences as an alcoholic.

Admitting his mistakes in the show before the audience, Simha said, “I used to drink liquor for enjoyment. The one-time taste in teenage became an addiction during college days and at Press Club of India (PCI) in New Delhi.”

He told the viewers about his ordeal as an alcoholic when he insulted his parents, took debts from every known politician, even policeman. He also lost his relations, respect, money and career altogether.  He talked how he lived at New Delhi railway station for nine months but was not able to give up the addiction.

Finally, a member of the Alcoholics Anonymous admitted him in a rehabilitation centre where he was treated for the addiction. Never tasted alcohol since a decade, Simha was accompanied by his wife Parul on the show.

In order to aware the youngsters about the newly found taste which turns into addiction, Dr Ashish Deshpande, a renowned psychiatrist at the NIMHANS said that alcoholism is a disease. 

Signs of being an addict:

1 Have anyone pointed in neighbourhood for the habit?
2. Have any relative’s request to quit drinking angered you?
3. Do you feel guilty for drinking?
4. Do you need liquor in the morning to start your day?

He informed about the NGO ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ which helps people in kicking the habit by infusing determination in them to get out of addiction.

Laxman, an one-time alcohol addict who was helped by Alcoholics Anonymous shared his experience of losing Rs 40 lakh in medicines and liquor but with his stint at the rehab centre, he gave up liquor 14 years ago.

For help call Alcoholics Anonymous:

Type a text message: AAAA Name Address and send it to 56363

Aamir Khan also informed about the gram panchayats in states like Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Haryana having the right to close down liquor shops in their villages. 

Not many were aware when noted lyricist Javed Akhtar arrived on the show to share his experience as an alcoholic. He told Aamir that he drank for 26-27 years before giving up the habit. He told the viewers about the glamour associated with liquor addiction when youths enjoy their adulthood and fall prey to the lure.

Sumir Anand, father of Karan Anand who died at 15 while returning from a birthday party, shared his grief with Aamir on the show. He said that inspite of the witness being present at the spot, the 19-year old driver of the car did not undergo any blood or urine test to confirm drunken driving and got bail in morning.

Dr Vivek Benegal, present on the show, said, “Even minor drinking can be harmful while driving.”
He told the viewers about the normal level of alcohol for social drinking being 2 pegs of 30 ml each but the people in India normally gulp down 5-6 pegs at one go.

Presenting facts of a WHO research, Aamir said at least 30-40 percent cases of drunken driving come to a hospital. Incidents of violence, teasing, road accidents are seen with the effect of alcohol and it is more common on special events like Holi, New Year, wedding, birthday or a party.

It is to be noted that alcohol consumption is associated with having fun and enjoying life, but excessive and irresponsible drinking takes away that very life itself. So the need of the hour is to create awareness in the public about its harmful effects.