Mumbai: It looks like Aamir Khan’s TV show has been creating the right ripples. We hear that Tim Sebastian, the man behind BBC’s famous show Hard Talk, has moved to India to start an issue-based television programme, focusing on socio-political problems in the country.

The award-winning journalist’s 13-episode show titled The Outsider is scheduled to go on air in October this year. Presently, it is being said, he is conducting research for his show. On being asked why he chose India as his point of focus, Sebastian states, “Why not India? It is among the youngest countries in the world. It has an amazing amount of demographic figures, so many languages, so many cultures and so many people.”

Quiz him if he has seen actor Aamir Khan’s TV show that also deals with a similar concept, Sebastian admits he has never seen it. He says, “I have gone through a few similar shows in India but not Aamir’s. I have been told that our shows are very different. His is a chat show, while mine involves a debate that I will be moderating.”


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