Mumbai, Jan 28 (Jagran News Network): Now we know why Aamir Khan is the eternal perfectionist. The actor, who is known for making and acting in movies which are made with much effort, is also known for speaking out his mind, be it on issues like the Narmada Dam or malnutrition issues in India.

But he is also known as a most diplomatic actor around who likes to keep friends in all camps and pavilions of the divided Bollywood. Why then he said what he said is quite a mystery.

He has come up with a statement that will surprise all those who saw him promoting nephew Imran Khan when he started out in the industry.

"I love Imran, but Ranbir is a better actor," he said in an interview to a TV channel.


Now Aamir had helped Imran take baby-steps with his first ‘Jaane tu Ya Jaane Na’. The film had even courted controversy with reports that Aamir had intervened and got it re-edited.

One wonders where the love has evaporated now!