New Delhi: After lending his support to Anna Hazare over Jan Lokpal bill, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has now come forward to urge people to have details of politicians and elect right leader.

Actor who has always believed in supporting the right cause is now promoting the initiative called, ‘’ launched by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR).

In order to support the campaign, the actor has prepared a video where he appeals to people for selecting “right and true leader”. He urges public to inquire about the leader before handing over the responsibility of the country.

In a video, Aamir told people that, “Before deciding to marry off your daughter to someone, it is important to inquire about boy, his qualification, earning and family etc. But when it comes to giving the responsibility of your nation to a leader, have you ever tried to know the politician who is going to represent you in the Parliament? Or what qualification has he/she taken? Or does he have criminal antecedents?”

MyNeta.Info, a web portal launched in two languages – Hindi and English, lists everything about the candidate/leader that you can use to get information before voting him.
Also there is a National helpline number (1-800-110-440) and an SMS facility (Send Myneta [PINCODE] to 56070).

On this, the founder of the campaign and Professor Trilochan Shastri from IIM said the initiative has developed the curiosity among public to know capabilities and faults of candidates.

“We are soon planning to launch the campaign in other Indian languages, which would also help in creating more awareness thereby leading to the strong democracy”, he added.
The portal also includes the list of all our elected representatives in the Parliament and so you can know more about the people who promise to let your voice be heard in Delhi.