Mumbai (Agencies): Composer Pritam Chakraborty has set aside all his assignments from June to fully focus on the music of Dhoom 3  which will have a theme song for Aamir Khan that the actor will sing. The last time Aamir sang was the chartbuster Aati Kya khandala for Jatin-Lalit in Ghulam.

The over-committed music composer with a hit record for the last three years has been asked to concentrate only on the music of Dhoom 3 from June onwards by producer Aditya Chopra. He would have to complete all his pending assignments and make himself completely free for the YRF film.

Signature tune, please!

Last week Pritam had a closed-door meeting with Aditya Chopra at the Yashraj office where  the soft-spoken producer stressed on creating a new sound for Dhoom 3  including a signature tune for Aamir's character. Adi has asked Pritam to come up with a song that would make the audience sit up and jump out of their seats every time Aamir strides across the screen.

Pritam confirms, "I've said no to  several new assignments including  Double Dhamaal. This is the first time in my entire career that I'd be working with Aamir Khan. We all know how special that makes this project." The biggest challenge is a theme song for AK's villainous character.

Upping the ante

Says Pritam, "The title song and music are of course integral to the music in Dhoom. But I have to go beyond that. There will be a quality of sound in Dhoom 3 that will make Dhoom and D:2 recede from the audiences' mind."

Pritam has already started working on the tunes. Apparently, Aamir will be sitting in for the rehearsals and recordings of the songs and would be singing a track for the film. Laughs Pritam, "Why not? Aamir sang beautifully in Ghulam.

 The Aati Kya Khandala number is popular to this day. Let's also remember that the Dhoom 3 director Victor (Vijay Krishna Acharya) has a terrific music sense. Look at the songs he got from Vishal-Shekhar in Tashan!"

Pritam has been told that just banking on the successful Dhoom Machale track won't do in Dhoom 3.