Delegates, including students from 22 countries, belonging to five continents which are members of Round Square, took part in the meeting.
When asked about one of the most important qualities in life, Aamir said, "Caring is the most important thing that comprises everything, love, compassion among other things."
"It is a very important quality in life," he said. To a question, Aamir said one should not leave his/her dreams, no matter a person may have to compromise with the means to achieve it.
Besides other subjects, educators should emphasize on promoting sports in the curriculum as it teaches a lot of things, specially how to work as a team, he said.
He also advised parents not to compare their children with anyone, as every child is special in his own way.
The actor also asked educators to make learning a fun exercise by encouraging students to ask questions so that they have clarity of concepts.

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