"It (AAP) has a very small life span. It is a party led by people committed to Naxal ideology. They are not improving the society, but rather disrupting it," Swamy said during a press conference.
He also said that Kejriwal used the issue of graft to build his own image. "The middle class thinks that they (AAP members) are committed to fight corruption. But Kejriwal never fought corruption. He made press statements and left it at that. He used (the issue of) corruption for publicity and to further his image in the middle class," he said.
"We should have exposed the AAP in the beginning itself," the BJP leader said.
Expressing confidence that the AAP would be decimated in the next elections, he said, "Most people are not in favour of AAP. Their performance in Delhi was due to the delay made by BJP in announcing the chief ministerial candidate. If we run a thorough campaign, it will be down to two from the present 28 MLAs they have in Delhi."
Comparing the AAP with parties that had "emerged and disappeared soon," Swamy said AAP does not have a structure.
"The Ram Rajya Parishad had emerged in the 1950s, but it disappeared soon afterwards. Then came the Swatantra Party and that too, disappeared," he said.


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