Taking on Gandhi at a rally on his home turf, Vishwas said the "Rajkumar" had just indulged in "symbolism" by eating in houses of dalits and not raised even a single question related to people of Amethi in Parliament in past 10 years. He asked the people to vote for an "aam aadmi" (common man) instead of a prince.

"You have ensured victory of Yuvraj, Maharaja and Maharani.... Now this is the time you all should elect a servant by pressing the right button....If they think that I will leave Amethi if they show black flags and hurl eggs and stones, They are wrong. It's fight between 'aam aadmi' and 'Rajkumar'. I am not going to leave Amethi. I may remain alive or my dead body will leave here in the next three months....We were not afraid when we raised corruption issue of son-in-law of Maharani...," the AAP leader said reffering to Robert Vadra, son-in-law of Congress chief Sonia Gandhi.
The poet-turned politician was shown black flags by the protesters, who also raised slogans against him for his alleged remarks against a religious event, while he was passing through Jagdishpur area along with his supporters.
They also burnt effigy of the AAP leader and said that a person, who does not respect religious sentiments, would not be accepted in Amethi.
Vishwas said he had already expressed regret if his actions had hurt sentiments of anyone inadvertently. Stones and eggs were also thrown at two buses ferrying party supporters to the rally venue, in Gandhi Chowk area of the city. Window panes of the buses got damaged due to the stone pelting and police resorted to mild force to control the mob after which the buses left for the rally venue.
Vishwas, when asked about the protests, said these were "sponsored" and he would defeat Rahul Gandhi with a "huge margin" in the Lok Sabha polls.
"Why they are doing so. What have I done. Is Amethi a separate country, where I would need passport for visiting," he said at the rally.


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