Sources in AAP said President's Secretariat has given appointment to the party for a meeting on Saturday evening.

BJP is likely to be invited to form a government in Delhi with Jung sending a report to the President seeking permission to call the single largest party to take a shot at power though it is well short of majority in the assembly.

In his report, Jung gave a detailed analysis of the political situation in the city and underlined the need to have an elected government in the city which is under President's rule since February 17 following resignation of AAP government.

AAP reacted strongly to the LG's move and accused him of promoting ‘horse-trading’.

"The President should not allow him and BJP to play with democracy. It will be a rape of the Constitution if a party, which has refused to form government once, is invited to form the government," senior AAP leader Ashutosh said.

"I hope Lt Governor remembers that letter of refusal written by (then BJP Chief Ministerial candidate) Harsh Vardhan. If he does not have, then AAP can pass it to him. How can the Lt Governor invite a party to form the government which has in writing refused to from government? BJP did this in December," he said.

Congress also came down hard on Jung for his move to invite BJP to form government.

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