After a marathon meeting held at Pune, state chief Subhash Ware dashed off an email to National Convener Arvind Kejriwal urging him to "sort out and get out" of the controversies immediately to prevent "further loss of the confidence and credential" of the party.

State Executive Committee members decided not to divulge the content to the media, but to hold a press conference on Saturday to put light on the issue.

"All members were united to condemn the proceedings that have riddled the party line and its basics. We also were unanimous to pass a resolution that if party does not take serious notes at our concerns and act accordingly, then we are too nothing short of other political parties," said the member.

"Few members were extremely upset and furious over the ways that top leadership themselves invited unncessecery controversies. While other were very much angry over the undemocratic ouster of Prashant Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav, Admiral Ramdas, Anand Kumar and Ajit Jha," he added.

Another senior party leader and state executive member Ravi Srivastava also said, "Yes, current crisis in the party was the first and foremost foremost issue that we discussed throughly today and apprised National Convener about it."

Apart from Ware, who chaired the meeting, secretary Abha Mulay, treasurer Sanjay Parmar, National Executive member Mayank Gandhi, State Advisory Committee members Meera Sanyal, Gajanan Khatu and Kishore Mandhyan, along with other members of the State Executive were present at this meeting.

Srivastava also said since state executive had accepted Anjali Damania's resignation from all the posts and primarymembership on 3 October 2014, hence she did not attend the meeting.

Slamming the decision of ousting founding members of the party, another member said, "We must not forget the contributions made by Bhushan and Yadav at least. If we treat our founding members in such humiliating ways, then we how a common man would believe in us." added another state executive member from Mumbai, who took part in the meeting.

The importance of this meeting could be understood with the fact that this meeting took place, immediately its members reached at their home state in the Maharashtra.

"While we were in Delhi to take part in National Council meeting, we all had decided to convene meeting immediately after reaching at our home state. And this meeting was the result of our decision and unity," added the member.

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