According to AAP, the campaign is aimed at serving the twin purpose of seeking people's support and to appeal to them to help the party financially by engaging supporters who cannot campaign on the ground.

The party website has detailed instructions on how supporters worldwide can get in touch with Delhi voters and call them directly.
"Our NRI supporters are spending sleepless nights and devoting most of their time for making calls. It is their way of contributing to the party although they cannot be present on the ground," Rashmi Srivastava, a member of the team monitoring the campaign, said.
It is, however, not just limited to NRIs as volunteers from states across the country have also been participating in the campaign.
"War-rooms have been created in several districts where people sit and try to achieve a set target of reaching out to a certain number of voters," Bhaskar Singh, another team member, said.

The record of the calls are made available on AAP's website and it gets updated everyday. Further, tele-rallies are organised among groups of such volunteers who compete with one another to make calls.

Inter-district and inter-state matches are organised to see which district or state outdoes the other."The campaign is also serving the purpose of gaining feedback from Delhiites as it helps us to know what the voters of Delhi think about us and other parties," Bhaskar said.
While the majority of calls are made by United States, Canada and United Kingdom-based supporters, Maharashtra, Punjab and Delhi top the chart in the category of states.
The party had also launched a drive called 'AAP Buzz' to pool support from other states ahead of the polls.

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