"Such condemnable incidents are leading to a growing outrage among the people who are agitated over the failure of law enforcement agencies in their duty to provide a safe environment for women to move freely and without fear in the city", the party said in a statement.

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"This shameful incident of rape again brings back the basic question that are the people and government of Delhi helpless in dealing with issues of women safety since the Central Government, which enjoys control over Delhi Police, continues to ignore such a serious issue?" it said.
The party also asked whether it was not justified to suspend the SHO of the area under whose jurisdiction the crime took place.
"The Aam Aadmi Party has consistently maintained that accountability of concerned police officials will have to be fixed so that such incidents are not repeated in future, but strangely the Union Home Ministry and Delhi Police top brass have been resisting this demand of the AAP government purely on flimsy grounds," the statement said.
Again pitching for its demand for statehood for Delhi, the party said that even when the Congress and the BJP have numerical strength in the Parliament, both these parties are not passing the bill (for giving complete statehood to Delhi).
"Both, the Congress and the BJP must answer the question that why are they silent on their election promise of providing full statehood to Delhi, which will make the police accountable for its actions to the people?" the statement said.
It added that the Congress was bound to defend the Delhi police as it was in power at the Centre, but sought to know BJP stand's on whether it wanted to keep law enforcement agency under Union Home Ministry.
"Since the Congress is ruling at the Centre it is bound to defend the inefficiency, incompetence and unprofessional style of functioning of Delhi Police which is under the direct control of its home ministry,” the statement said.
"The AAP would like to know the BJP’s stand on the issue. Does it believe the Police should be made accountable or like the Congress it also wants to keep it under political control?" the statement added.


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