The move by the Arvind Kejriwal-led party, which is contesting all 70 Assembly seats in the polls scheduled for December 4, is to ensure people's participation in governance.

The common manifesto for Delhi state would include plans for making the city slum free, improving the quality of education in government schools, making health facilities accessible for all, ensuring a daily supply of 700 litres of water free of cost to each household and bringing about a reduction in power tariffs, among others.

The party said it had found in a recent survey that drinking water was a major problem in most areas of Delhi.

"Unlike other political parties, who generally put their agenda on the election manifesto instead of the people's needs and requirements, we are preparing 70 separate manifestos," a party leader said.

The manifestos would highlight the major issues plaguing a particular constituency. "For this, our volunteers and candidates are going door to door meeting people and enquiring about specific problems in their areas which needed immediate attention," he said.

After all the information, demands and requirements included, has been gathered from a particular constituency, the process of "fine tuning" of the manifesto would begin.

"Common and major problems and the requirements of a constituency would be included in the "fine-tuned" manifesto, which would be finalized after thorough consultations with the eminent residents of the area," he said.

"If their (peoples') issues find place in the manifesto, then they would actively participate in the whole exercise (of governance)," he said.


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