PPA’s chief ministerial candidate Laeta Umbrey in a statement said, though the AAP failed to garner enough votes to form a government of its own, its success would give immense support to the renewed PPA in its crusade against corrupt practices of the national parties.
"That established political parties like the Congress and the BJP could not stop the AAP is a clear indication that the common people are tired of the politics and governance offered by these parties," Umbrey, MLA from Roing Assembly constituency, said.
Terming the AAP’s performance as ‘nothing less than a revolution’, Umbrey said that the political culture in Arunachal is to join hands with established political parties, but the PPA, much in the AAP’s mould, seeks to renew its relation with the people’s aspirations by offering the promise of a clean and corruption-free government while keeping the regional ethos of the state intact.


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