"Kejriwal is levelling false charges against Narendra Modi, but he should say for which foreign country he is working? Is he a CIA agent, or is he working for other foreign agencies?" said state BJP chief Harsh Vardhan.
He was responding to the challenge thrown down to Modi on the black money issue yesterday by Kejriwal during a rally at Haryana's Rohtak.
"(AAP) could not manage a small state like Delhi, how can thay be given the responsibility of managing the whole county. This party is working to destabilise India, spreading anarchy, communalism and disaffection among the people. Its agenda is very dangerous," Vardhan said.
He demanded that Kejriwal and AAP leader Manish Sisodia explain the alleged foreign donations received by their party.
"They (AAP) are mum on this issue. They entered the public field with the help of Lokpal movement under the leadership of Anna Hazare. After that they disregarded Hazare and formed an alliance with Congress for the sake of power," he said.
Accusing Kejriwal of "betraying" the people of Delhi, he said that after he had formed the government in Delhi, his party realised that it was beyond their capacity to run the show, and hence they resigned.
"Before forming a political party, Kejriwal and Sisodia received lakhs of dollars from Ford Foundation in the name of NGOs, namely Parivartan, Sampoorn Parivartan, Kabir, etc. The whole world knows that it works at the behest of American intelligence agency, CIA," he alleged.
He further charged that, "through providing financial assistance, Ford Foundation works to destabilise developing and undeveloped countries and spread anarchy with the help of NGOs present in those countries.
"The Magsaysay prize is also awarded at the instance of the US and CIA. These agencies use such awards to serve their purpose."


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