It seems there is a remarkable deviation from AAP’s mission and the deflection in aim or objective of Arvind Kejriwal government in Delhi has armoured the Opposition to attack its foundation. The leaders of other political parties are quite apprehensive about functioning and conduct of AAP ministers and its team.

It is certain that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal needs to rethink his actions after the recent protest against the Central government in demand of suspension of five cops for alleged inaction. There are two important points derived out of the situation which need to be pondered over.

The AAP leaders should stop pointing fingers at a person in responsible position or any party leader now and then, instead they are supposed to focus their objectives for fulfillment of commitments made to people. It is essential for them to adjudge that they have done no concrete contribution to the national development activities except raising doubts and slogans. If it continues so, the AAP will not be able to stay a Common Man platform rather it can be called a fault-finding tool.

When we look at all national parties and their leaders we do find their contributions to respective constituencies and states. The question remains what have the AAP leaders done to benefit the society?

Secondly, the pertinent issue is that whether any Chief Minister can use derogatory statement regarding Republic Day celebrations. It sends a very wrong signal to the common people of India who enjoy watching it on televisions in their houses and outside the country as well.

Dr A Jha 

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