It furnishes users with the convenience of making a shopping list on the app as grocery buying is shopping list-driven. The app also enables one to order the household needs and get them home delivered.

"Every household has their preferred neighborhood store. We want to ensure that the shopper can carry her preferred store within her mobile at all times," Vijay Singh, CEO and managing director, AaramShop, said in a statement.

"We are just making an already convenient process even more convenient and adding transparency to it," he added.

AaramShop is using its unique hybrid platform to enable consumers across the country to explore the specialised inventory of their preferred retailers, along with their special offers and promotions.

Updates are made available to the consumers within the catchment area on a real time basis.

In the first phase, the consumers have access to their store preferred stores via AaramShop's android app which will soon be soon available on all devices. The app currently enables access to over 5,000 grocery stores across 42 Indian cities.

The app is also beneficial for store owners as the AaramShop Mobile App for customers, combined with the AaramShop Store App, can help him manage his store.

He will be able to inform all of his customers on their apps about his deals and offers. He can also record customer details, and inform, educate and reward his customers consistently.