Aligarh: The romantic love story ‘Aashiqui 2’ turned into a tragic experience for love birds in Aligarh when the family of the girl caught them outside a cinema hall on Sunday and thrashed the boy up.

A young couple on Sunday visited Meenakshi Talkies to watch the afternoon show of Aashiqui 2. While moving out of the theatre after the movie, around 8-10 male relatives of the girl suddenly appeared in front of the duo and brutally attacked the boy. They were perhaps trying to apprehend the duo for a long time after being informed that their girl was dating with somebody.

After being caught outside the theatre, the girl, who tried to come to her lover’s rescue, was also fiercely beaten by her kin.

However, the boy somehow managed to flee away from the scene, the girl was forcefully dragged and taken back to home.

Interestingly, the incident took place in a crowded area of Aligarh but no one came to help the innocent lovers who were badly pounded. Even no police personnel came to save them.  The whole drama continued for nearly 20 minutes.