According to reports, one of the ceiling lights burst into flames Thursday. The incident took place at Film City, Goregaon here.

Varun took to Twitter on Thursday night, writing "There was a fire and our set got burnt down. We safely evacuated 600 people and we will be back to work tomorrow. WE WONT STOP DANCING. #abcd2”.

Shraddha also shared that "everyone is safe"."Yes sadly there was a fire on set today but everything is fine  everyone is safe! Back to shoot tomorrow. We WONT stop dancing!!! #ABCD2," she tweeted.

Dancer-actress Lauren Gottlieb, who is also a part of the crew, posted on Friday, "Yesterday there was a fire on set w/ 600 people rushing to safety. Everyone's ok, thank god. Today we are back! WE WONT STOP DANCING! #ABCD2"


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