The poster, which shows a shirtless Varun picking Shraddha up in his arms, was leaked last evening, days before its official release.
The 26-year-old "Aashiqui 2" actress took to Twitter to express her disappointment."Yes, it is really upsetting that the poster leaked before we were supposed to share it with you guys... We have no idea though who is behind it and why anyone would do such a thing

"It hurts more when Remo sir, Varun, myself and each and every dancer and team member has put their heart and soul in to making this film," Shraddha said in a series of tweets.
Varun, echoing her sentiments, said Shraddha worked really hard for the poster and "someone" tried to break their spirit.
"Me and Shraddha Kapoor worked very hard to make this poster specially shraddha so whoever leaked the poster and tried to break our spirit, I want to say to that individual that HatersGonnaHate but we gonna keep on moving ahead ABCD2 is a very special film and Remo has Put his everything into it," he tweeted.
The 27-year-old "Badlapur" star, praising the Remo D'Souza-helmed 3D movie, said it is bigger than any of the "stars" in it and requested fans to support them.
"It's India's first dance based 3 d film based on a true life story... But this has got me more aggressive. This film is bigger then me or any other star. It's about dance and dancers#ABCD2”
"Me and shraddha and the crew Have broken our backs trying to do justice to this film so it feels really crappy when someone leaks Ur poster This film is not about any star it's about dance and dancers so everybody who loves dancing, Pls give us your support," he wrote.

The movie is releasing on June 19.


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