Mumbai: He admits to having been closed to doing anything on TV, but never say no is the mantra for actor Abhay Deol, who carved a niche for himself with 'zara hatke' roles in films like "Dev D". He will now be seen on small screen, which he says was completely unplanned. Abhay will be seen hosting Zee TV's new show "Connected Hum Tum". "Connected Hum Tum" is about six women, who will capture every moment of their lives through cameras. Abhay will try to link their stories together.

Here is the excerpt of Abhay’s views which he expressed in an interview recently:

Q: Did you ever think of being a part of Television?

A: I never thought of being a part of the small screen. If anything they said was for TV, I would say no without even thinking about it. When the project came my way, my manager was like “just consider it, at least take a look at it". Then I took a look at it and I got interested. The show also made me question my close-mindedness about TV. I asked myself 'What is it about TV that you are closed to?' The interest generated through the show made me question my close-mindedness towards TV.

Q: How does it feel to be born in a star family?

A: One gets bored as there is nothing black and white in life. At some places it's an advantage and at some it's a disadvantage. It depends on person to person, situation to situation and project to project.

Q: How does your family react to your living separately, unlike the Indian culture?

A: I started living on my own when I was 18 soon after graduating from Otis Parson's School of Fine Arts and Design, California. Though my parents were apprehensive about my decision initially but they later accepted it. They were just concerned about “was I comfortable and safe?” But as soon as they knew that I was not being stupid and I was not going to do anything stupid, they were fine with it and accepted for what I am. I have a great family that way.

Q: Tell us something about your girlfriend? How does your family respond to your decision on living with her?

A: We have a regular relationship like any two people in love, with its ups and downs, with good and bad. As far as my family is concerned, my family is very traditional and they are more conservative. But I was born in a city that accepted all kinds of people; so if I am to look at myself as someone from an urban centre, I am quite normal by being non-traditional.

Q: I don't judge my family for what they are and they don't judge them for who I am. It took some time, but they are comfortable with it now.

A: The actor has just finished the shoot for his film "One By Two" in which he stars with girlfriend and Live-in partner Preeti Desai, who was earlier seen in "Shor In The City". The film is also his debut as a producer. He will also be seen in a special appearance in the Sonam Kapoor-Dhanush starrer "Raanjhnaa" releasing June 21.


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