Mumbai: Abhishek Bachchan is switching styles. The actor has ditched formal wear (suits, sherwanis) for hip and funky jackets and jeans.

A source close to the actor said, “AB Jr is styling himself in casual wear and has a good feeling about it. It's a sudden change in his personality and he loves it!”

Always in uniform

Ask him why he was always attired in formals earlier and he blames it on "school upbringing". Abhishek explains, "I was in boarding school at the Aiglon College in Switzerland.  There, for meals and other occasions you have to wear a formal jacket, tie and suit. It was like dining in uniform. Wearing a tie to class was mandatory,” he said.

For Bachchan Jr, being funky and cool is being able to carry whatever one wears with confidence.

"Belief in yourself is more important than the way you look. I believe one must have every outfit in one's wardrobe to suit all occasions. Style is individualistic. Wear what you are most comfortable in. My favourite outfit is jeans and a white shirt,” he added.
Abhishek dismisses the fact that he has over 50 suits in his wardrobe. He laughs, "I have about 10 suits. Guys can keep repeating their suits women can't!"


Though not fussy about his clothes and accessories, there are three things in his wardrobe he can't do without. "A good pair of jeans, a great suit and good pair of shoes." His favourite outfit in the wardrobe is a pair of branded jeans in blue, which he often wears. However Abhishek is not a compulsive clothes shopper. "I don't remember the last time I bought any outfit or accessory for myself," he smiles.