Mumbai: Abhishek Bachchan shares the strict workout regime that he is following to get in shape for Dhoom 3. Abhishek Bachchan might probably be the only mainstream actor in Bollywood who hasn't really bothered to get a chiselled body.

Not that this did him any good in two of his hit films, Dhoom and Dhoom 2. In fact, the anti-heroes of both the movies John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan walked away with whistles from the audiences.

However, in the next film of the series, Dhoom 3, Abhi might be required to go topless and minus a jelly belly.
Especially when he is positioned opposite Aamir Khan who has only time and again proven that he can make and break a six-pack easily (remember Ghajini?).

With a series of stunt sequences planned for the next installment of this action flick, Abhi apparently wants to look nothing close to unfit. So what does Junior Bachchan do? He designs an entire fitness plan for himself before he stars shooting the film in November.

Keeping it simple

Adds a source, "He doesn't want to stretch his body beyond ability and so he has been indulging in basic daily workouts and healthy food. Abhishek's not going to get into six-pack mode, as he wants to keep it simple, yet healthy and good looking."

Abhishek, who is currently shooting Bol Bachchan, works out for thirty minutes every day and eats every two hours. Adds the source, "His diet includes lots of protein and carbohydrate.His workouts comprise of circuits training, weights and pull-ups. He also needs to bench press his own weight."

We guess with the new regime pa-to-be who would be glowing a lot more than mum-to-be.

Abhi's fitness mantra

Press-Ups: This classic exercise helps build muscle in the upper body for a limited time. Can be done anytime, just don't lock the elbows

Lateral Raises: Don't keep the arms directly straight and by your side. It causes too much pressure on the rotator cuff. Bend arms and have them face forward slightly

Pull Ups:
One of the hardest exercise routines but one of the most beneficial. If you are struggling at the beginning just do half repetitions.

Lower your body until your elbows reaches 90 degrees. When you can do five sets of 10 add some weights to your waist.