Aditi had tweeted, "Aishwarya had to m marrying a tree first so she could marry a rock (mince Abishek can`t act no?).''

To this, Junior B replied, "@awryaditi the question mark at the end suggests that you have a doubt, mince, there is hope for me. Yay!"

And, it didn't end here. The comedian tried to cover up for her tweets by addressing him as a `Rockstar`.

"Juniorbachchan hahahahahahahahah. Rockstar you are!", she tweeted.

Further the actor remarked, "just for the record... We are still looking for this alleged tree."

The argument continued and Aditi further tweeted: ''@juniorbachchan Iska reporting aur case hua tha."

To this Abhishek wittily said, "awry aditi and the outcome of the case? Oh forgot... Whatever is printed is always the truth.

"@juniorbachchan Hahahahahahahahah. Which is why I do jokes, not news. Though news can be infinitely more entertaining obvi," tweeted Aditi.

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