New Delhi: Sayed Zabiuddin alias Abu Jundal, a prize catch in 26/11 terror case, picked up his first lessons in terrorism when Lashker-e-Taiba terrorist Mohammed Aslam alias Aslam Kashmiri arranged for his arms training in Nepal in 2004.

Claiming to be indoctrinated after the post Godhra riots in Gujarat in 2002, 30-year-old Jundal told interrogators that he was introduced to 'jehad' by Aslam Kashmiri, a resident of Hasplote in Thanamandi of Rajouri in Jammu region.

According to his interrogation report submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Zabiuddin said that four youths from Maharashtra and Gujarat were handed over to Aslam Kashmiri for exfiltration through Poonch region in 2004 but they were killed by Army raising suspicions about Kashmiri's role.

Official sources said on Sunday Aslam Kashmiri again approached Zabiuddin and Fayaz Kagzi and asked them to accompany him for arms training but the killing of four youths had raised doubts that he could have been working for Army.

This prompted Aslam Kashmiri putting them through to LeT high command in Pakistan on phone as a proof about the genuineness that he was working for the terror group, Zabiuddin told his interrogators.

After this, Zabiuddin, a resident of Beed in Maharashtra, along with four people left for Nepal where they received training in arms and manufacturing of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).

Upon his return, Zabiuddin engaged in brainwashing more youths for spreading the terror network in the hinterland, the sources said.

His links with terror activity came up during the probe in the blast at Ahmedabad railway station that occurred early on February 19, 2006.

At 1.43 AM a powerful explosion rocked the station leaving 25 injured and it was sheer luck that there were not many people when the explosion took place as it was a Sunday.

During interrogation, Zabiuddin claimed to have told interrogators that there was an error in setting up of the timer of the IED that led to its premature explosion. The bomb was supposed to explode next afternoon when the station would have a heavy presence of people.

The probe found that Zabiuddin was the bomb-maker in this case which was later confirmed by Aslam Kashmiri who was arrested at a tip off from the central security agencies from Delhi Railway station on August 25, 2009 while on his way to Maharashtra.

Aslam Kashmiri along with Zabiuddin had also collaborated thereafter to supply arms and ammunition in Maharashtra and Gujarat. However, timely intelligence led to the seizure of 43 kg of RDX, 16 AK-47 assault rifles, 3,200 ammunition rounds and 50 hand grenades on the Nashik-Aurangabad Highway.
Zabiuddin and Aslam Kashmiri had managed to give a slip to sleuths in the cover of darkness.

Aslam Kashmiri is believed to be a hardcore terrorist of LeT who shot to fame after killing district commander of his own terror group Hufeza Shah.

Holder of a Masters Degree in Arabic from Uttar Pradesh, he went missing from his home from 2006 after the Aurangabad arms seizure and was considered as a dreaded terrorist till the time he was arrested in Delhi.


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